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Our adaptive learning program uses innovative and patented AI algorithms to assess your residents’ strengths and gaps in knowledge, and delivers subsequent questions to address their specific, personal needs.

  • Over 2300 high yield and critical practice questions

  • NEW! Questions from Basic Science to Advanced Clinical Techniques and everything in between

  • Questions linked to ABA Keywords

  • NEW! Advanced search uses machine learning to make it easy for your residents to find questions on topics of interest

  • Every question written and edited by teaching physicians at top hospitals

  • NEW! StudySteps™ makes learning fun while increasing retention

  • Fits learning into residents’ busy schedules; 2-3 minutes per question is all they need

  • Available any time, on any device

  • An interactive demo for residents is available

Know Precisely Where Your Residents Stand

Our Program Directors Dashboard offers the level of detail you need to help your residents.



Identify trends and priorities


 Click on each resident name to see their progress scores


Select users and send a message, assign review questions, or send a practice test

See for yourself.Take a tour of the new features of the Program Director’s Dashboard, by clicking through the blue highlights:

Like Having New ITE Scores Every Day

  • A once a year snapshot isn't enough

  • Through continuous assessment and real-time reporting, SelfStudyPLUS gives you an accurate view of your residents’ knowledge as it develops, allowing a tracking of residents’ progress not otherwise possible

  • In a recent test group of 44 residents across all levels of training, a compelling positive Pearson correlation between 2017 ITE score and SelfStudyPLUS score was observed (r= 0.67)

  • Since the SelfStudyPLUS score is highly predictive of ITE scores, it is therefore of high value to both Program Directors and residents, who want to know who is at risk of failing

  • Findings also strongly suggest that both our questions and system are appropriate and relevant to the needs of learners at all levels

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